Ceramic Jar Refill


Enjoy your handmade ceramic candle for longer with a refill. Simply send us back your jar and we'll refill with your favourite fragrance. 

Can I choose a different fragrance?
Absolutely. Your jar will be completely cleansed from the original fragrance so you can choose to use your original fragrance or try something different. 

Can I change the number of wicks?
We have thoroughly tested the candle and are confident that two wicks is the right amount to ensure a clean, effective burn with a great fragrance release. Adding or removing wicks will affect how well the candle burns and how much fragrance is released. 

Do I need to pay postage to send my jar back to you?
No, we will provide a prepaid Royal Mail label for you to return your candle jar.

Do I need to pay for delivery once my jar has been refilled?
Yes, you can take a look at our shipping pricing here. Delivery will be charged at checkout. If you are eligible for local delivery, we will collect and re-deliver your candle at a time that suits you.

How long will it take to receive my refilled candle?
It can take up to five days from receipt of your candle to dispatch. This allows us time to completely cleanse your jar, taking care not to damage it, and refill it, before letting the wax set and infuse with your chosen fragrance. 


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