Coffee Candle Care Pack


A limited edition collaboration gift box for those who love the smell of fresh roast!

We've teamed up with our good neighbours Chimney Fire Coffee to create a limited edition, coffee-infused handmade candle. The candle is infused with Chimney Fire Coffee's "El Salvador" blend, to create a sweet, subtle coffee fragrance and an interesting pattern on the surface. 

Chimney Fire Coffee roast their coffee on Ranmore Common, Surrey, where our candles are hand poured. 

Pack contains:

1 x Ranmore Candle Co. X Chimney Fire Coffee Candle
1 x 250g El Salvador El Cipres
1 x 250g Colombia Gran Galope
1 x Chimney Fire Coffee tote bag (new style)

All wrapped in a recyclable gift box.

You can buy the Coffee Candle Care Pack at Chimney Fire Coffee. Our Coffee Infused Candle is also available to buy on it's own.

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