To get the most out of our products, follow some simple care and safety precautions.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us, we'd be happy to help.


Candle Care & Safety

The First Burn 

The first time you light your new candle, make sure you let the wax melt evenly across the entire surface. This keeps the surface smooth and even. We suggest lighting your new candle for two to four hours for the first time. 

Trim Your Wick

We encourage our customers to trim the candle wick before every burn. The wick only needs to be 5mm - keeping it at this length will control the size of the flame and get the most out of your new candle. 

Store carefully and watch for debris 

Keep your candles looking goof! Always store your candles in a cool, dry and dark place away from direct sunlight. This will prevent any discolouration or damage to the smooth surface. If you notice any debris on the surface of the wax, make sure to wipe it off with a cloth. Debris on the surface or inside the jar can become flammable! 

Never leave the candle unattended 

Always keep an eye on your lit candle. Don't place it in easy reach of kids or pets. Don't try to move it when lit, the glass jar can be really hot. Watch out for anything that could come neat to the flame, like curtains blowing in the breeze or walls that are too close. 



Diffuser Care & Safety

The first time

Gently shake before opening. Unscrew the black collar to remove the anti-spill cap. Replace the black collar and insert your reeds into the diffuser. 

Flip your reeds 

We encourage our customers to gently flip their reeds every few weeks so the dry end is in the oil. This will help to boost the fragrance. We recommend wearing gloves to avoid getting diffuser oil on your skin.

Running low? 

You can purchase refills here. 

Watch out for spillages 

Place your diffuser on a flat surface and away from anything that could knock it over (like kids or pets!). The diffuser oil can stain some surfaces. If you get any diffuser oil on a surface, wipe clean with a damp cloth as quickly as possible. We recommend wearing gloves to avoid getting diffuser oil on your skin.

If you do get diffuser oil on your skin, wash with plenty of soap and water. 


Fact sheets, including ingredients and CLP information, are available for each of our products here